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Manuals and guidance

It is enshrined in law throughout Europe that all persons have the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse. The following guidance documents are intended to reinforce this right by focusing on capacity-building within law enforcement and social support organisations to tackle intimate partner violence (IPV) suffered by older women.

The need for such guidance was initially identified by the IPVoW Project, which illustrated that the already highly complex issue of IPV was often further aggravated by the dynamics of ageing - something which was frequently not recognised or understood by law enforcement and social support practitioners.

Manuals and guidance were developed within the frame of the project for practitioners in social support services (this also includes domestic violence services) and in law enforcement organisations. These reflect the cultural, organisational and social differences between participating countries.

The work of law enforcement organisations is likewise different across the partner countries. For example, in the UK and Hungary sole responsibility for the entire investigation process rests with the police, and a case is only referred to the public prosecutor if it is suitable for a Court hearing. Conversely, conduct of investigations is the remit of the public prosecutor in the other participating countries.

The following products are available in the language of the relevant country together with an English translation.

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