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We hope that this site will be useful for anyone interested in the issue of Intimate Partner Violence against older Women (IPVOW).

On this homepage you find besides research reports on the issue manuals and gui-dance for practitioners, training material and material for public relation for services. The material for practitioners is designed mainly for law enforcement agencies and so-cial services, but may be useful also for other professions and services. The products have been developed within the frame of two projects (IPVoW and Mind the Gap!) by partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom thus providing a compendium of material which may be adopted, adapted and used throug-hout the European Community and (potentially) beyond. The projects were supported within the Daphne III- programms of the European Commission.

All of our material is available in English; other versions are produced in the language of the country in which they were developed. This homepage is also available in these languages (see flags above). the website is organised following issues and products, not countries.

This website has been developed by members of the project team in conjunction with Zoom. It is being hosted and maintained by colleagues from Zoom.

Thank you very much for your interest!

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