Intimate Partner Violence against older Women (IPVoW)

This project, which was co-ordinator by the German Police University and ran from January 2009 to December 2010, aimed at exploring the issue of and institutional knowledge of IPVOW in the participating countries in order to develop an international perspective on the problem.

A mul­ti-me­thod and mul­ti-per­spec­tive ap­proach was taken com­bi­ning the use of exis­ting data and em­pi­ri­cal work un­der­ta­ken wi­t­hin the frame of the study. Pro­ject part­ners de­ci­ded not to me­a­su­re the pre­va­lence of in­ti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence against older women, because it was believed that the most vul­nerable el­der­ly women were ge­ne­ral­ly likely to be the least ac­ces­si­ble for re­se­arch.

Wi­t­hin the pro­ject the fol­lowing re­se­arch me­thods were used in every coun­try:

  • Com­pi­la­ti­on and ana­ly­sis of exis­ting na­tio­nal data and research
  • Stan­dar­di­sed pos­tal sur­vey of in­sti­tu­ti­ons to de­ter­mi­ne the extent to which older women who ex­pe­ri­ence in­ti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence are known to institutions and ser­vices
  • Se­mi-struc­tu­red qua­li­ta­ti­ve in­ter­views with staff ex­pe­ri­en­ced in wor­king in this area wi­t­hin each coun­try (with case knowledge)
  • Se­mi-struc­tu­red, qua­li­ta­ti­ve in-depth in­ter­views with older women who have ex­pe­ri­ence of in­ti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence in old age in every par­ti­ci­pa­ting coun­try
  • Es­ta­blis­hing a na­tio­nal net­work of in­te­rested in­di­vi­du­als and or­ga­nisa­t­i­ons in order to main­stream the topic and to de­ve­lop re­com­men­da­ti­ons for na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal po­li­cy
  • Carrying out an international expert workshop (November 2010) in order to discuss findings and develop international recommendations.

Results are compiled in the national reports (in the languages of the participating countries and in English translation) and in a summary report.