We hope that this site will be use­ful for an­yo­ne in­te­rested in the issue of In­ti­ma­te Part­ner Vio­lence against older Women (IPVOW).

On this home­page you find be­si­des re­se­arch re­ports on the issue ma­nuals and gui­dance for prac­titio­ners, trai­ning ma­te­ri­al and ma­te­ri­al for pu­blic re­la­ti­on for ser­vices. The ma­te­ri­al for prac­titio­ners is de­si­gned main­ly for law en­force­ment agen­cies and so­ci­al ser­vices, but may be use­ful also for other pro­fes­si­ons and ser­vices. The pro­ducts have been de­ve­lo­ped wi­t­hin the frame of two pro­jects (IPVoW and Mind the Gap!) by part­ners from Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny, Hun­ga­ry, Po­land, Por­tu­gal and United King­dom thus pro­vi­ding a com­pen­di­um of ma­te­ri­al which may be ad­op­ted, ad­ap­ted and used throug­hout the Eu­ropean Com­mu­ni­ty and (po­ten­ti­al­ly) bey­ond. The pro­jects were sup­por­ted wi­t­hin the Da­ph­ne III- pro­gramms of the Eu­ropean Com­mis­si­on.

All of our ma­te­ri­al is avail­able in English; other ver­si­ons are pro­du­ced in the lan­gua­ge of the coun­try in which they were de­ve­lo­ped. This home­page is also avail­able in these lan­gua­ges (see flags above). the web­site is or­ga­nis­ed fol­lowing is­su­es and pro­ducts, not coun­tri­es. 

This web­site has been de­ve­lo­ped by mem­bers of the pro­ject team in con­junc­tion with Zoom. It is being hosted and main­tained by col­le­agues from Zoom.

Thank you very much for your in­te­rest!